Deliverable reports

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Sterner, Thomas (2023): Empirical Estimates of the Regressivity or Progressivity of Carbon Pricing for Different Classes of Goods. CHIPS D3.1 report.

Labeaga, José M. (2023): Microsimulation results of distributional effects of climate impacts taking into account individual heterogeneity in demand responses. CHIPS D3.2 report.

Sterner, Thomas & Jens Ewald (2023): Real and Perceived Distributional Effects of Carbon Pricing. CHIPS D3.3 report.

Kornek, Ulrike & Stellio Del Campo (2022): New estimates of the social cost of carbon better accounting for inequalities.CHIPS D4.1 report.

Zuber, Stéphane, Nicolas Taconet & Franziska Piontek (2022): Modelling distributional effects in integrated assessment models. CHIPS D4.2 report.

Zuber, Stéphane (2020): New Welfare Metrics for a Comprehensive Assessment of Climate Impacts. CHIPS D5.1 report.

Piontek, Franziska, Stephane Zuber & Bjoern Soergel (2023): Integrated assessment of distributional effects of climate impacts and climate policies in the context of the SDGs. CHIPS D5.2 report.