Project structure

The CHIPS project will be conducted in three main phases and five closely interconnected work packages (see figure). The core advancements will take place in work packages 2-4, centering on impacts (WP2), the micro level (WP3) and the macro level (WP4).

Project Structure

Work Packages (WP) and their interlinkages in CHIPS

A detailed description of the work packages can be found on the subpages (please click on the links below or left).

WP 1 – Coordination, stakeholder interaction, dissemination

WP 2 - Novel damage functions, impact channels and spatial heterogenity

WP 3 - Distributional effects for households

WP 4 - Social heterogeneity in integrated assessment models

WP 5 - Distributional effects of climate change impacts and climate policies in future scenarios and SDG context