Outreach to the general public

CHIPS final event “Current crises and future climate change: how to prevent rising inequality and societal conflict”. February 27

Media activities related to the publication of Soergel et al. 2021 “Combining ambitious climate policies with efforts to eradicate poverty” (see "scientific publications"):

Thomas Sterner (2022) Presentation with Å. Löfgren “Alla vill hindra katastrofen men ingen vill agera” (Everyone wants to avoid the catastrophe, but no one wants to act), at the Gothenburg Science Festival.

Thomas Sterner (2021) Panelist at “The Next Environmental Crisis Are our current solutions just a short term fix?”, organized by IAI Live.

Thomas Sterner (2021): “Growth and Decarbonisation about emissions in different sectors and the possibility of sustainable growth in developing countries”, presented at the Conférence ECO2, organized by Électricité de France (EDF). Youtube video available here.

Thomas Sterner (2021): Webinar "Population and Environmental Change"; participation in a panel discussion in the webinar: Population and Environmental Change, organized by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Video available here.

Interview with Thomas Sterner on Earth Day, the climate crisis and impact on the global economy for TRTWorld. 2021-04-22. Video available here.

G7 should end not just coal but also oil and gas finance in 2021”, co-authored by Thomas Sterner, published by Thompson Reuters. 2021-06-09. Article.

Let’s not waste this chance to transition to an environmentally sustainable future” Letter to the editor of Financial Times, by Thomas Sterner and Thomas Kåberger. 2020-03-27. 

“Satsa på klimatet för att slippa sina skulder? Argentinas förslag kunde underlätta klimatsamarbetet mellan rika och fattiga länder” (Invest in the climate to avoid debt? Argentina’s proposal could ease the climate cooperation between rich and poor countries). Interview with Thomas Sterner by Erik Ståhl for Svenska Yle, also on radio (Aktuellt 17, 19.06 min into the episode). 2021-11-09.

Nytt regelverk i EU:s utsläppshandel höjer ambitionerna – men mer behövs” (New framework in the EU ETS raises ambitions – but more is needed) interview with Thomas Sterner in the news magazine Syre. 2021-01-02.

"Miljöekonom: Styr om tillväxten för klimatet" interview in with Thomas Sterner in Svenska Dagbladet about climate economics and growth. 2020-10-11.