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Related CHIPS outcome (e.g. paper, deliverable etc.)
Type of available data
description where available
Schultes et al. 2021 Integrated assessment scenario data from the REMIND model (5-10 year timesteps until 2100, 12 world regions)
Output data for future transformation scenarios integrating damages and mitigation targets with different dimensions of uncertainty, SSP2 socioeconomic scenario, different climate targets and damage assumptions

IIASA AR6 database

Del Campo, Anthoff, Kornek (2021) Estimates of inequality aversion parameter (per country, year)
Collection of estimates of inequality aversion from peer-reviewed literature based on a systematic review


New estimates of the social cost of carbon better accounting for inequalities (2022) Optimal carbon taxes
Optimal carbon taxes derived from the NICE model under different assumptions about inequality aversion

available here

Report on the long-term growth effects of different types of climate hazards and their interplay with climate policy targets (CHIPS Deliverable 2.2)
Future projections of river flood damages (annual, per country)
Calculated based on on the modeling in Sauer et al. (2021)

Climate Impacts Explorer

Dasgupta et al. 2021 Future projections of climate change impacts on labor productivity and labor supply for high and low exposure labor (outdoor, indoor & outdoor in the shade) (annual, country level)
For SSP2 socioeconomic scenario, for different climate models and emission scenarios, based on labor productivity exposure response functions from the literature and the newly derived one for labor supply


Tools and Models

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Documentation, related papers, other relevant links
REMIND Process-based integrated assessment model

Baumstark et al. (2021)

NICE Cost-benefit integrated assessment model with inequality representation

(Python code forthcoming on Zenodo)
Microsimulation tool