WP5 - Distributional effects of climate change impacts and climate policies in future scenarios and in the SDG context

This work package focuses on the synthesis of the advances made in the project with regard to new damage functions (WP2), micro-level understanding of distributional effects (WP3) and development of the Integrated Assessment Models NICE and REMIND to capture these effects (WP4).

The goal is an analysis of the distributional effects of climate change impacts and climate policies across scales. This builds on two things. This analysis will be based on a) new welfare metrics allowing a comprehensive welfare assessment beyond Gross Domestic Product effects (and thus inequality to be taken into account), and b) a framework to link the micro and macro levels. This framework will build on scenarios from the Shared Socio-economic Pathways, a set of plausible alternative evolutions of society at the global level, developed by the climate change research community.

In the analysis a particular focus will be on applying the complementary modeling approaches of the cost-benefit model NICE and the process-based model REMIND-MAgPIE, exploiting the strengths of each.

Finally, in the evaluation a specific focus will be on synergies and trade-offs between climate policies, climate impacts and the relevant United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. In this step CHIPS will work closely with the SHAPE project.