WP1 - Coordination, stakeholder interaction, and dissemination

WP1 includes the project coordination (by PIK), stakeholder involvement, and dissemination activities.

Activities of WP 1 include the organisation of the stakeholder and expert dialogue which pursues the following objectives:

  1. Co-design of the metrics, indicators, scenarios and policies evaluated in the project
  2. Ensuring transparency, accountability and usability of project results including data and model documentation
  3. Providing feedback and expertise regarding the design and direction of project activities

The work package is responsible for the communication with the members of the CHIPS Board of Stakeholders and Experts. It organises three stakeholder workshops and further communication and interactions such as surveys or briefings.

In addition, WP1 is responsible for dissemination activities. They target users and stakeholders as well as the wider scientific public. Dissemination channels include the project website, policy briefs, fact sheets, publications in scientific journals and presentation at scientific conferences. Beyond this, WP1 will organise side events at gatherings of climate policy makers and experts or targeted workshops organized with stakeholders. A final symposium allows providing the project results to a wide audience.