Project Phases

Phase 1 - Data collection and co-design with stakeholders (Month 1-12)

The first phase prepares the framework. This includes the co-design process with the stakeholders for the development of scenarios, metrics and indicators as well as data collection. A focal point of this phase is the first project meeting and stakeholder and expert workshop.

Phase 2 - Model development and expert feedback (Month 13-24)

The second phase is the core phase of concept and model development. Within this phase a second project, stakeholder and expert workshop will be held, where progress can be presented and valuable feedback of the expert board gathered. If necessary, further exchange via briefings and surveys will be organized. With this input ,the CHIPS consortium will participate in the programme mid-term meeting to share first results with the AXIS community (e.g. the empirical model, event-based damage functions, and the new welfare metrics).

Phase 3 - Model application and scenario evaluation (Month 25-36)

The final phase focuses on applying the improved models in a set of scenario runs and evaluating those in the indicator and metric framework developed with stakeholders. Results and output will be discussed at the final project and stakeholder and expert workshop. The final results will be presented at a final symposium and at the end-of-term programme meeting.