Stakeholder and Expert Workshop, April 2020

The first stakeholder and expert workshop took place in April 2020. It aimed at creating a common understanding of stakeholders, experts and project partners on the project. Due to the "corona crisis" it was organised as a half-day online meeting. Please click to see the workshop agenda.

The workshop started with a general introduction to the CHIPS project and its objectives. After that, the project partners presented the specific goals, procedures, used tools and first interim results of the project's work packages.

As a second step, the participating stakeholders and experts were asked to express their expectations towards the project and its outcomes. For this purpose, they had been sent the following guiding questions in advance:

  • What question about climate change and inequality do I want an answer to? Why have I not found it so far?
  • What dimensions of inequality are important? For research? For my work?
  • How are equity concerns reflected in my work? Do equity concerns only cover distributional consequences of climate change or are they broader?
  • What are the most relevant distributional consequences of climate impacts and climate mitigation policies?
  • What would be the ideal outcomes of CHIPS? What would I like to do with them?

The following discussion focused on the question of possible interaction points between stakeholders, experts and project partners. It pointed to several needs for and possibilities to broaden the conceptional aspects and understanding of main concepts like poverty or inequality. It also resulted in identification of possibilities to link the research and development activities in CHIPS to ongoing and earlier work of involved experts and stakeholders. Concrete areas and steps of further interaction were identified, e.g. concerning collaboration with the World Inequality Lab on the issue of global income equality or exchange of data on natural resources in developing countries with UNU-WIDER.