Policy brief "Damages and social costs of carbon from tropical cyclones"

CHIPS & SLICE POLICY BRIEF No 2: Damages and social costs of carbon from tropical cyclones. February 2023. download

The second policy brief - a joint outcome of the CHIPS and SLICE projects - deals with the effects of extreme weather events on economic development.

State-of-the-art models weighing the costs of climate change impacts against the costs of adaptation and mitigation measures do not account for the long-term effects caused by extreme weather events such as floods and tropical cyclones. The intensification of extreme weather events under global warming requires the development of tailored evidence-based adaptation and mitigation strategies to reduce the loss and damage caused by these events. A quantification of climate change induced damages from tropical cyclones pave the way to adequately account for the impacts of extreme weather events in integrated assessment of remaining climate damages along mitigation and adaptation pathways.